Elegy (oral_defecation) wrote in poet_antipoet,

Name: Jana A. Hill

Age: 19

Favorite poets: Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, e.e. cummings, Lyn Lifshin, Howard Nemerov

Reason for wanting to join: There are a lot of poetry communities on Livejournal, and most of them suck. Hopefully this one won't. I like giving and receiving criticism.


You told me that when you were young
you had aspirations to be
an astronaught or an artist.
That you beat boys with bike chains and
smoked cigarettes behind the church.

And you didn’t want to marry,
or own a car, or cook his
dinner. And you do,
And you no longer
make your youthful

But say one day I
teach someone
else to dream
as rebellious as
me and you.

Will I still have
my bike chain?
Will I have to
start shaving
my legs?

White Lines

delivery room
umbilical cord
white lines

elementary school
uniform and paper
white lines

high school
makeup pencil
bigger eyes?
white lines

papers exams
party party
white lines

wedding dress
no thanks
white lines

wrinked silken
white lines


Make the bed.
Shower and dress.
Off to work.
Man the press.

Live or dead.
Cure the ills.
Writhe and jerk.
Pop the pills.

Must be wed.
Raise the kids.
Doubts will lurk.
Make the bids.

Life begins and
ends in red.
Soak it up or
drown instead.

Or just smoke
and enjoy your
slow suicide.
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